Together, We can make a difference.

@flpoolbum (2921)
United States
June 4, 2007 2:59am CST
Probably one of the most hated people in American History, Adolf Hitler once said, "How fortunate for leaders that men do not think!" Unfortunately, it is true. How many people actually voted in your last election? How many people take the time to listen to what is happening in the world? All it takes is a minute to read the national section of your newspaper or check out the news on the web. Our government (the United States Government among others) caters to the whims of Special Interests groups who have the money to spend to get what they want. I propose, that we, the people, start our own lobby! Become a member of this lobby by becoming an "Informed Voter"! Listen to or read the news that effects your country and the lives of your citizens. Demand that your leaders actually do what you want and need them to do. In the United States, we have a website,, where we can monitor what our national and state elected officials are doing. E-mail, call and write your elected officials, will help you to do that, too! Demand, in a polite and well written comment, what you want them to do and make suggestions on how to achieve your goals. Read and sign petitions about causes that you care about. A good organization for that is called Care2. They have petitions that you can sign and you can create your own petitions as well. It's your life and your government, make them responsible to the citizens! Together, WE can make a difference!
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@KrauseHome (35514)
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26 Jun 07
Very Good comments here. And if more people would do this, than I feel we as a people would see more change. I sometimes feel that a lot of the people that complain the most are the ones who you Never See out there Voting, and say it never makes a difference, and even if they had a chance to Write someone or sign papers because they are not registered to Vote, most of the time they cannot make complaints, or sign for things. For me, I am prone to contacting my Senators and such when I feel it is in my Best interest to do so. You personally never know when the comments you make somewhere could be just the push to help make a difference on something, and really wish more would see it this way. 2008 will be an important yr. to Vote. Who will be there?
@flpoolbum (2921)
• United States
12 Sep 07
That is the billion dollar question. It seems that our current President has no fear of popular opinion, especially when it is against his policies. That kind of arrogence sickens me!