June 4, 2007 6:13am CST
when i was a senoir student in the college ,i want to take the post graduate exam ,but i do not know what should i do:which book i should read, which school i can erter or what i must learn. so, i found at the qq with many people that i do not know,i met a boy who had taken the exam .i am very excited and he was kind to help me ,though he said that he was not majory in English,than i kae my friend and when i had problems i would ask him,but later he dispeared .my friends all told me that i hve not take him as a friend but a tool to another school,but in fact, i do not.i like to talk to him in the happy,but i do know that i ask for help too much that he was annoyed by me.i just want to make friends with him and he never talk to me even i speak to him in qq.Now i want to say sorry to him ,do he answer me ?
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