this may sound strange, but do you ever temporarily stop breathing?

@cher913 (25890)
June 4, 2007 8:01am CST
Do you have to remind yourself to breathe? I have asthma and i mentioned this to my dr at my last visit (a couple of weeks ago) and he said it is a common thing... why is this? why does this happen? do any of you suffer from this too? maybe its more common than i thought!
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@321633wy (1795)
• United States
4 Jun 07
Thanks god i have not experienced from "temporarily stop breathing" in real . But it does hapen in my dreams for several times. According to study stop breathing at night is called sleep apnea .This could be a breathing issue, but it could also be sleep paralysis. When we go into the REM phase of sleep, our chemistry changes so that the voluntary muscles are intentionally 'disabled', so we won't act out our dreams. If we come awake too quickly, or for some reason our body gets a little out of synch with our brain's phase, we may become conscious before the muscles are released from this temporary . However, when these episodes of apnea become more frequent and last longer, they can cause the body's oxygen level to decrease, which can disrupt sleep. The patient may not fully awaken, but is aroused from die deep restful stages of sleep, and thus feels tired the next day. I remembered one time i had a nightmare dream.I have no idea what was going on suddenly i lost my breath for about 30 to 40 second ! I thought i was going to die suddenly i can breath again... .......It's such a horrible experience. I realize after i have taken the multivitamine + B-complex it has never happen to me again.I guess it must be something to do with lack of certain nutrient for respiratory system and brain.
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• Malaysia
4 Jun 07
I never experience it before.It sound strange to remind ourselves to breathe.Last time,I have read an article,the writer suffer from asthma too.One morning,he found out that he can't even remember his wife's name when he waked up because he had stop breathing for minutes.The doctor said it was because of the lacking of oxygen in his brain and he need to wear oxygen mask to ensure constant inhalation of i think you should take it seriously.
4 Jun 07
Nope I've never had to remind myself to breathing although I have stopped breathing after passing out once while hiking. How ever daft that sounds it wasn't really clear to be walking up onto the hill..... Oh well :) ~Joey
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
4 Jun 07
I aparantly forget to breath for quite long times, acording to my physical therapist. I need to be aware of how I am breathing in order to function well. Now I have not been to my physio for a while. I should probably start again. I can feel the difference in how I breath after just one visit