Has anyone meet net friends ? YOu feel safe Or danger ?

June 4, 2007 8:05am CST
Has anyone been meet net friends? Do You Agree to meet net friends? You feel danger Or safe ?
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@rosycat (168)
4 Jun 07
Ive met a few guys from the net and had a couple of quite long relationships. Its ok if you make sure you're safe, I always told a friend where i was going to meet and made sure it was in a public place and it was always after we'd exchanged loads of emails and talked on the phone. I dont think its anymore dangerous meeting someone from the net than it is meeting someone in a pub or a club.
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@imsilver (1668)
• Canada
4 Jun 07
I've had one of the gentlemen that I met online come and visit me. I'd met him on an irc chat program and knew him online for a long time before this was planned. I felt safe enough because he was coming onto my turf. We had a wonderful couple of days and it was alot of fun. I think that we were both expecting more than ended up coming out of it but I don't regret it. I met a really nice guy and we had a great time. We are still just friends and still chat online when we cross paths.
@adam918 (85)
4 Jun 07
I think the best piece of advice i can suggest is go with your gut instint and spend alot of time getting to know someone via msn or other chat programs. Then eventually once you feel comfortable enough meet up somewhere like a pub or restaurant. Always let someone know where your going and who with, better to edge on the side of caution everytime. Good Luck!
@sharadin (18)
• India
4 Jun 07
Yes, i meet net friend, but i was bad exprience with her. I had visited her country for some trip and meet with her. She is also very excited to meet with me. I was with her for 2 days, but after that she demands money. she came for money only. So, it is not alwyas our net friends are good.
• China
4 Jun 07
My friend had such an experience and they even make a couple after they met!But I think she was on a risk to meet a stranger who she know online and even fell in love with him!We warned her to be careful in case the guy was playing with her.The fact is we're right!The guy had never been serious with this relationship and dumped the girl just in one week!The guy really sucks!
@maddog108 (3441)
• Australia
4 Jun 07
no i havent but id like to i have some net friends ive known for years and the only reason i havent met them is the long distances .i know them really well and if there ever over this end of the world there welcome in my house