ever had a friend who is dying?????

June 4, 2007 9:39am CST
HELP!!! I'M SO DEPRESSED... my friend looks like dying and I can't do anything! She's a teacher (a guidance counsellor at that!) in a high school here and had stage-end renal failure, then a kidney transplant operation (younger brother gave one of his kidneys). However, as most donees know, the problem is whether the body will accept this "foreign body" and let her live longer. Her surviving parent can't help her coz he too is sick, the donor brother is sick also, and other brothers are so engrossed with their own family problems. That leaves me to go on a project to save her by begging for alms from the community to sustain her medicines. I posted a request in forums I have joined to just give me some names of charitable organizations so I know where to knock but I only got two vague replies.
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