Do you believe in Nostradamus' predictions?

@rikki8 (392)
June 4, 2007 11:13am CST
Most of you may have heard of Nostradamus? For those who have not, please check on google. How do you feel about the predictions he has made thus far? Do you think they will follow through in reality?
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@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
4 Jun 07
I do think he foresaw a great deal of things the problem comes in determining what and were these predictions are for. Far too often because of the way he had to word his predictions they are difficult to say what they go to until after the incident has occurred. You can blame that on the fact that he didn't want to get into trouble during his day and age. However many I think have come true and I've seen others that make me wonder about the future. I just wish reading his predictions was easier and that they followed some sort of time line or some order so that we could tell where he is talking about.
@oldiebut (859)
• Canada
4 Jun 07
The "predictions" of Nostradamus are exactly the same as psychic or biblical predictions, in that they are not predictions. The fans take an event that has ocurred and then look for some quatrain (in Nostradamus case) that they believe fits the event. In other words it is post-diction. There has ever been a single case where someone has predicted an event before it has happened using any of the 3 methods.
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