Do You Still Feel Close to Your University?

@mari123 (1862)
June 4, 2007 11:24am CST
"Today, I am proud of my university. Tomorrow, I'll make it be proud of me." This used to be a popular saying among students and schools in China. A recent online survey shows that university students nowadays feel more isolated from their colleges. They gradually lose their emotional connection to the institutions and their teachers. More than 30 percent of the interviewees feel "exploited by the industrialization of education" and almost 20 percent say they "don't feel maternal-like warmth from their schools anymore." I first heard the above saying in my senior high school, my school is the top famous high school in GZ, and it is a beautiful garden. but, as I am now living Nanjing, far from GZ, I have not went back the campus for a long time. For my university, she is not among the top famous universities. but I like it very much. and after my graduation, I am living near to her and go the her gym to play badminton on Sundays. I think my university will never be forgotten from my memory. She left me a four-year happy university life and memory. What do you think of you university? and do you still feel close to your university?
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@Dan_ul (858)
• Romania
4 Jun 07
Nope I don't feel close to my University. I don't have any major direct contact with her... beside the fact tat it is situated in the same building as my faculty... In fact I think that they don't give a $hit about me and about any of my colleagues... They work only with statistics, and with students as a group... not with real individuals The exception, I think, is in the case of real real smart students who are pushed forward to contribute to the good image of the university... The rest of us are just crapy, in their eyes;)