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June 4, 2007 1:31pm CST
I've been researching Ebay Buisnesses and stores. I would really like to start one but I'm so afraid. Is it expensive? Do you have to have alot of Inventory? I know Dropshipping is an option but I've read a book where they say you don't get your moneys worth because they mark up the value so much just so they make money too. Thanks for reading Tiffany
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4 Jun 07
I have had an EBay store for about 1 1/2 years now. I'm not getting rich, or even really supporting myself with it though. I know part of my problem is that I sell vintage and antique items, nothing new. If I were to sell new items I would probably do better, especially around the holidays. It costs $15 per month for a store. The benefits are: listing each item only costs pennies (like $0.30, depending on how many photos you use), and the items can stay in the store as long as you want. Every month they automatically relist the items for you. The down side -- you need to know what your items are worth and ask a reasonable price for them, because the listings are "Buy It Now," there's no bidding. Which means that you'll only get what you ask for, not more. There is a "Best Offer" option which allows you to over-price the item and then take (or reject) any offers which you find acceptable that are lower. Kind of like reverse bidding. When I started out with EBay I put everything up for auction. At $3 to $4 per item it got rather expensive, especially if the item didn't sell and I had to relist it. If it was a $20 item and I relisted it twice, I made almost nothing on that item. In fact, at Christmas of 2006 I went completely broke! That's when I started my store and it has pretty much paid for itself ever since. Some months I actually make money! :-) Again, I'm selling old stuff which requires just the right person to buy it. I've been afraid to actually spend money on new goods, partly from lack of funds, but also because I haven't been doing my homework as to what's selling well. I'd try to keep clear of Asian electronics, or any foreign provider -- they're too far away if something goes wrong. BUT, there are places like OverStock.com which sells surplus new items. They might be worth checking out. I also have a nephew who made some money on EBay by buying "name" clothes at local thrift stores and selling those. The hardest thing for me is the shipping. I'm constantly taking a loss on the postage, so you need to pay attention to that. You can get free priority mail boxes though, through the US Post office and through EBay -- well worth the time and effort. On the whole I'd say, "Go For It!!" You don't need a ton of merchandise, but the longer someone spends looking around, the more likely they are to buy something. You can check out my store by going to EBay and searching for "23_Antiques_&_Collectables" (I THINK that'll work!) Good Luck!