Bringing Other Animals into the Home of a Pitbull

@Jshean20 (14367)
June 4, 2007 4:10pm CST
I've heard from many people that it's not a wise idea to mix pitbulls with other animals, as they tend to become more aggressive this way. I've noticed that my own pitbull gets really worked up when he sees a cat or another dog walking by, but the sounds he makes sounds more like he's stressed out...he doesn't snarl or anything. How do you feel about pitbulls associating with other animals, is it ever OK? Have you had any experience regarding this matter? How would you train a pitbull to get along with other animals, is it even possible?
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@SmokePiff (437)
• United States
10 Jun 07
i don't think thats true at all. i guess it all depends if ur dog has been around other dogs before. before i got my pitbull we had a cocker spaniel. she was somewhere around 5 years old when we got our pitbull. she really didn't like our pitbull and would act real mean around her. but after a year or two she warmed up to my pitbull. now my neighbor has a dog that just doesn't stay out my yard and whenever there dog is in my yard my dog tries her best to get outside and play with it. they run around and sniff eachother until we tell her to come in and then even when we tell her to come in its hard to get them apart. so in my case i don't think its true
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• United States
8 Jun 07
Our pit has never had a problem with other dogs. He was adopted from a shelter at 6 months of age. Since then he has lived in 2 different places. At the old apartment my sister's roommate had a dog as well and they loved to play. He doesn't exhibit as much of the territorial behavior I've heard about though. He also is very gentle with my kids. I have 3 boys under 4 and that dog loves playing with the kids. He has learned not to jump up on them and he has never snapped.
• United States
29 Jun 07
We had a dog already when we got a pitbull pup, and they got along fine. But as my pit (Hunny) got bigger and started playing rougher, the other dog couldn't handle her anymore. Hes a tiny dog, about 5 lbs, and we were worried about him getting hurt because Hunny was only playing, but she was so much bigger than him, and we ended up giving the little dog to a friend. I haven't tried bringing any other animals into the house yet, so I don't know if Hunny would still be friendly or not.
@Nykkee (2523)
• Canada
19 Jun 07
My dog is a pitbull mix. I know exactly the sound you are talking about, Roofie will make that distressed sound if she sees another animal she wants to get closer to but can't. In situations with another dog I have even heard her make a really distressed sounding high pitched scream sound, when she made this sound to a dog that was her friend it came running to her and then she calmed down. She was just upset because she wanted to see her friend. She has a cat that I got for her a few years ago, she would have been 4 years old when she got her cat. They have been best friend since the first step he took out of the carrier when I got him home. She had a pet mouse for a short time once which she showed a great deal of interest in but absolutely no agression. I cannot take her around cages animals as she will attempt to tear the door off of whatever they are enclosed in, but she is not being agressive she is trying to be a hero. She once let a rabbit out of it's cage, she lifted the top off of the cage and when she could not grab the rabbit because she was running around too fast rather than chance hurting him she tipped the cage over and let him out. He was too scared to play with her but she meant well, she just loves anything that is fuzzy. She hates turtles and won't go near them, I think it's the smell. And she is afraid of birds and lizards, they just freak her out, but again she is not agressive she just wants to run away. I don't think there is anyhting wrong with the breed at all, it is just that unforunatly bad people are attracted to them and so they get abused and raised wrong alot, but it's not the dogs' fault. I actually have to keep a cloase eye on my dog because she is too friendly with other animals and does not defend herself or register that there is danger when she should sometimes. I often have to break it up when my dog and cat are playing because all my dog wants to do is lick the cat and rub her nose in his fur, he likes to wrap around her head and dig his claws in and chew on her eye lid and she just lets him until he hurts her and then she screams and runs away so I have to constantly watch the the cat is not hurting my pitbull-girly.
• United States
6 Jun 07
Well pitbulls tend to be VERY VERY territorial, so unless you raise a pit with another animal then they don't necessarily like other animals coming into their territory. but on the other hand i've seen pits introduced to one animal(on leashes of course) a few times and then getting used to seeing them around and then getting along with them.