Will you upgrade your pc for Crysis?

June 4, 2007 4:37pm CST
As we can see Crysis one of the most good loking games of next computer generation games requires a lot from the pc, the question is: Will you upgrade your pc for Crysis? check out the requires searching at google for : Crysis Requires, the first link have the info
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@godkid308 (105)
15 Jul 08
No. crysis wasnt made for the computers of today, EA also made it so it can be played like a game of tomorrow in a few years time. My computer can run crysis very well. but i did not buy it for crysis, i bought it so it could run other games like bioshock and cs: source better. which i currently play. But crysis is still a very well made game. i highly recommend it, even if you dont have the best computer, play it with some settings turned down, it will still look beatiful. and the gameplay is very nice.
@mohit1123 (564)
• India
13 Jul 08
Believe me if you dont upgrade dont buy the game simple. If you dont play crysis with very high mode. Its really not worth a game. Atleast crytek has come out and said that warhead wont be same as crysis was in case of settings, well just have to wait and watch about that.
@taqinaka (429)
• Malaysia
6 Jun 08
Of course!!in my opinion,after reading the review,the gameplay is good,but not that great.But heh,the graphic is WOW! And,upgrading my pc will enable me to play GOW,Far Cry.So im willing to upgrade my pc.
@budi5875 (14)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
29 Dec 07
Nah..I play that game at my friend's house. LOL
• India
19 Nov 07
Man I have already Updated My PC to play CRYSIS. Py Pc Configration is:- Intel Core 2Quad Q6600 2.4GhZ * MB L2 Cache MIntel DG33TL Mother Board, Geforce 8500 Gt 512MB, 2 GB 667 Mhz Ram(DDR2) 160 GB HDD
@janster (25)
• Sweden
15 Oct 07
actually the requirements arent that high. These days most of us who play in clans and leagues already have the right gear and are well prepared for the coming generation of games.
@atsra1 (34)
• Israel
29 Aug 07
well, yes and no. I've already ordered a new powerful pc which is more than capable to run Crysis but I haven't bought it solely for crysis, but for the entire new gen pc games which are coming out and about to come out. Bioshock, crysis.. the requirements from new games is really sky-rocketing these days and you simply have to purchase a new computer for them!!