My life is great because...

@Craig747 (488)
June 4, 2007 5:47pm CST
Lately I have been rather stressed and generally feeling down and depressed. I am at university and I have exams coming up and a lot of deadlines to meet. I also work part time in a call centre which is beginning to get stressful. Adding to that, I am constantly having to worry about money. My list could go on. In order to cheer myself, and others in a similar situation to mine, I though I would start a discussion where people can respond starting with "My life is great because..." It is a chance for you to think about all the great things in your like. let us know why your life is great. Often we think our life is terrible but when you take time to think about it, our lifes are really not that bad. Anyway, here goes.. My life is great because... I am at university doing a subject I love (Mechanical Engineering) and I have made some excellent friends here. I also have a great family and a girlfriend who I love to bits.
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