How to lessen stress after work?

June 4, 2007 7:39pm CST
I got to move from my old office to central branch office this month. Although not much hard in work, but the environment are less fun, everybody are so serious at work. So after work sometimes i feel very tired and got a bit stressed out. How to relieve stress after work?
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• Philippines
5 Jun 07
Eat good dinner.. Try to take a chocolate bar or any chocolate drink.. Watch your favorite tv show... Take a quick shower... Rest your mind. Just don't think of what you'll be doing the next day... And it is very important just to leave the work in the office..
@321633wy (1795)
• United States
5 Jun 07
I will get into the bath tub , add a few drops of relax aoroma oil soak my self in the nicely warm water and close my eyes .At the same time play a relaxing muzik (i mean soft and relaxing muzik).You will be amazed by the result. If you want to make work more effectively take supplement especialy multivitamine and B-complex which helps to improve your body system.According to the study B-Complex is the most important supplement for stress or depress. If you are interested you can try it,i'm sure it would help you a lot.Good Luck. ps; Make sure you take the natural vitamine not the synthetic one. Natural vitamine is derived from plant which can be utalised by our body, extract while synthtetic vitamine is made from several different kinds of chemical which does not work as effective as natural vitamine.