Life Changing Nutrition For Your Brain!

June 4, 2007 9:28pm CST
How's your memory? Do you remember names, dates and numbers as well as you used to? What about your family? Are your children more intelligent than their grades would indicate? If you answered yes to any of these, you or your children could be suffering from "brain starvation", a nutritional epidemic that could be robbing your family of the quality of life you deserve. At last I have some good news for you from Dr. Alexader Schauss and TriUnity International. Backed by a pedigree of impressive scientific research, FEED MY BRAIN (FMB),is a drug-free dietary supplement that supports short-term and long-term memory in adults of all ages and has been clinically tested to improve intelligence in children especially if they lack certain nutrients in their diet. FMB contains over 50 ingredients including 14 "learning nutrients" derived from fruits and vegetables. These nutrients help to produce mental energy and support neuro-transmitters that help you maintain healthy brain cells and thereby enhancing healthy brain function. FMB took over 20 years to develop and is the only supplement on the market today that has been clinically proven to increase innate IQ of children by an average of 10 points in an independent double blind placebo study conducted by a well known university in Pheonix over a 4 month period (across schools in a selected school district). In fact 20% OF STUDENTS who took FMB experienced a 16 point IQ increase! If you or your family could benefit from a natural product that supports memory in adults and increase academic performance in children, then I encourage you to try FMB RISK FREE. Your children will absolutely enjoy the taste of TriUnity's new FMB Tutti-Fruitti chewable tablets. You don't need to take my word, try FMB RISK FREE @ You may also read about the product development and history of FMB @ You can hear what others are experiencing when you select TESTIMONIALS. Finally, you may receive a 24 minute fmb video dvd by visiting I welcome your comments! Melarich1
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20 Sep 07
Feed My Brain sounds very awesome. But I drink MonaVie because in addition to strengthening my mind I also strengthen my immune system and muscles.