Embarrassing things that have happened to you

United States
June 4, 2007 11:19pm CST
When I was in the army one day while taking a shower the hot water ran out so I took my shoiwer gear and was going to run across to the next barrick about 20 foot away. I was on barrick duty so I was the only one in the barrick at that time. I looked out the door and decided that it was safe to go acrss but when I got about 3 foot away from the barrick a female cpptiin came arujd the corner. Being the good soldier I soluted wnd dropped my towl. I did not know whether to bend ovetr and pick it up or just keep saluting her. I chose the latter and she did not seem to mind keeping her eyes on my man hood. What have been some of your more embarrasing momemts?
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