June 4, 2007 11:49pm CST
Hi frenz!!!!I have heard a lot about paypal...I know that paypal is an online acount and help you to make your transactions.But for this, they ask your credit card number.And there are many blogs on net, which say that paypal is not safe.What do you guys say?has anyone transacted through paypal....were you able to transfer your amount safely from paypal.was anything deducted from your credit card which should not have been deducted?Was there any transaction fee for that?how did you transfer the amount from paypal to account? These are the questions which will be arising in the minds of many internet users like me....If someone can become an alternate for solutions to these questions, you are welcome.Please share your knowledge with us.
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@heatherc (398)
• United States
5 Jun 07
The only fees that PayPal has are for business accounts or personal accounts that accept a credit card transaction (5 are allowed per year). There is no fee for sending money. For my business account, I am charged 30 cents per transaction plus 3.9% (or is it 2.9%...) of the sale. My personal account has no fees for receiving money. They allow you to have a personal and business account as long as they are linked to separate checking or savings accounts. As far as paying with a credit card, PayPal is much safer than a separate processor. Not to say that credit card processors are bad, I just know that most people feel safer with PayPal backing them. With PayPal, you can pay someone with your credit card and they never actually see any part of your card number. As the first responder said, most of the complaints about PayPal come from people who are banned from using it because they violated their terms. Like any business, you must follow the guidelines set by the company in order to keep your account in good standing.
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@badpenny (741)
• Seagoville, Texas
5 Jun 07
PayPal is one of the safest ways to conduct finacial transactions online. Many people are under the mistaken impression that you have to have a bank account or credit card to sign up or use PayPal. This is simply not true. PayPal only asks for this information for your convenience in linking these to your PayPal account, and for verification purposes. I have been a PayPal member for 7 years, and I only got "verified" this year. This has never stopped me from sending or recieving payments or making any purchases, as long as the funds were in my PayPal account. For offline purchases and those that need a CC# I have used my PayPal debit card many, many times. Those blogs on the net are mostly written by people that have been canceled by PayPal for violations of the rules. For instance, most HYIP's and "doublers", auto pay surfs, and the like are illegal in the US. Many people open websites for these types of businesses, and use PayPal as a payment processor for them. When PayPal finds out that they are operating an illegal business, their accounts will be frozen until the US government authorizes the release of their funds. Once their funds are released, they will be canceled and bannedfrom PayPal forever. These same people will write blogs and set up similar websites saying PayPal sucks. It's just sour grapes, is all.
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