Have you ever been in love to your friend/bestfriend?

United States
June 5, 2007 1:51am CST
I've been experiencing this situation right now and I'm a bit confused of how he fells for me,he's so kind and sweet to me I misunderstood the way he treats me.The worse case is that he has a girlfriend, have you encounter this too?
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• Philippines
7 Jun 07
yah i have an experience one, but i've been hurt because his inlove with my another friend..im inlove with my bestfriend, and his inlove with our another friend.. you realized how complicated it was..
• United States
5 Jun 07
I've been in love with a friend turned bestfriend but not as same scenario as yours. My friend turned bestfriend and I used to talk over the phone about how she felt to her someone,their misunderstandings and all the arguments they had through out the day.. I wanna kick her someone's *** because of what she was doing to my friend turned bestfriend. I'm about to tell to my friend turned bestfriend how I felt for her but one thing stopped me. One of her bestfriends told her that she's fallin in love with my friend turned bestfriend. My friend turned bestfriend told me about it and told me that feelings to her bestfriend changed that it came to the point that my friend turned bestfriend don't wanna talk to her bestfrend anymore because she felt betrayed. So I decided to keep what i feel for my friend turned bestfriend just to save the friendship we have.:)
@AshleyHasan (1024)
• India
5 Jun 07
I was in love with my best friend, in fact he was in love with me and I was the only one girl friend in his life and today we got married and settled happily, we do have one small baby who is 7 months old, Please remember if your in love with your best friend you should tell them before as you stated that your best friend has girl friend already , I dont think he or she will agree or accept your love, I feel love should be positive from both the sides, but there is nothing wrong if you propose him/her or see whether they accept it or not but tell him/her before that because of this you dont want to break up the friend ship..I beleive best friend is a person with whom you can share each and every thing, if he/she truly considers you as a best friend they should have known your feelings by now..All the best friend! Take care.
@kyutstudph (1263)
• Philippines
5 Jun 07
Yes I experienced falling in love with a friend and I think that is really a part of life. But I just realized that what I feel is just a love for our friendship and not an intimate one. Now the friendship even gets stronger because of the Love we both have for each other as friends.