how many times have u watched TROY??

@meatiitr (365)
June 5, 2007 5:44am CST
hi frnds this may sound ridiculous but i have seen TROY atleast 10 times, and still i never feel like avoiding a chance to see it of my frnds has seen it more than 25 times. how many times have u seen this movie..if u haven't ,go do it!!!!
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@brijlesh (273)
• India
29 Aug 07
Troy is a mindblowing movie and i watch thi more than 20 times. In this movie Akhilish is the main character, but i like the character of hector more than akhilish.
@dimaks (786)
• Japan
16 Aug 07
i think around 4. i have the local file of the movie in my pc so that's why.
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
31 Jul 07
Hi. I think all up, Ive watched it once and a half lol... As our video player played up and wouldnt work for some unknown reasons...
@amit2506 (233)
• India
12 Jul 07
5 time i have watched TROY and can watch if everytime u will show me
• Philippines
25 Jun 07
i've watched it 5 times.. and if i have time, i'll watch it again
@sbksat (355)
• India
17 Jun 07
10 times is good and 25 times is even better...But it's pretty sad that I got to watch the movie only once...Hope I can see it again soon..It was as good as gladiator.
@mihajlo (42)
• Bulgaria
17 Jun 07
i watched Troy about 10 thimes but Gladiator i watchet more than 30 thimes :)
• India
16 Jun 07
I have watched it around 10 times, but i will watch it at every given oppurtunity.. These kind of films are once in a lifetime film. I would never miss an oppurtunity to watch such a great movie like this. More than Troy, i have watched Airforce One around 20 times. I love that movie very much... These are among my all time favorites, both of a different genre...
• Philippines
6 Jun 07
I've watched TROY for 4 times already; I'm an avid fan of medieval movies, especially the ones that are part of our history. It's ok to watch your fave movies over and over again, as long as it's not affecting anything in your life in a bad way (harhar!). Suite yourself, everybody's doing it, so why can't we ayty!? I also wanted to share something that I found out through watching one of my fave series on TV; I don't have any evidences that will support it but it's really intriguing since what's depicted on the movie is somewhat different from what I heard. There was a part in that series wherein the setting was in a classroom discussion and the topic is about gay and lesbianism in history: here in this part was revealed the true reason why Achilles was so upset and angry for the killing of his supposed cousin; he was so pissed of because their relationship was far off from being relatives; they are LOVERS. Now, this doesn't mean that Achilles was gay and that he loves men, it's actually a natural phenomenon for guys and gals on the higher classes in our history to have lovers from both sexes. It depicts their standing and position over everyone, and it also denotes their power over individuals, that they can do anything they want with them. Gender was never an issue for our leaders in the past. Some historians might have presumed that it's better to let the people know about the good side of a historical figure, even if it's half of the true story, or even if it will affect our entire history altogether. Now this is just a fact. I just wanted to share it here since some people knows about it, and they are ok with it. i just hope that we all accept the people in our history for who they are, and not for what they are not.... PEACE!!!!
@butterfly39 (3907)
• Philippines
6 Jun 07
i can't blamed you why you watched that movie 10 times...of course it's so amazing and i love the movie so tells us the power of love... love of Paris to Helen, the love of the king to his son (even he caused the war), and the love of troy to Paris' cousin...i forgot her name ...and maybe i should watch it again.....
• Philippines
5 Jun 07
i guess i have watched the movie more than ten times... I just love the movie anf Brad Pitt.
• Philippines
5 Jun 07
i cant count how many times i watched troy, but the ist time i watched it with my hubby, we immediately repeat it watch up to the last full show of the movie. brad pitt is very handsome and sexy, and he acted very well in the movie. sometimes i happened to see this movie in the cable or hbo and even i knew already what will happen next, i didnt change my tv channel until it finish.
@RaayFa (126)
• Thailand
5 Jun 07
me , a few times first from my friend's pirate DVD It's too dark ! .. :P I don't think the 4th time will come so soon, I don't like one by one seen , it's too much look like Fung Fu !