Do U Believe World Predeterminate?

June 5, 2007 10:42am CST
It is a discussion that people have argued for centuries.I do not want to persuade the materialist to believe mentalism. My purpose is just to explain my ideas about foredoom. I was born in a socialist country and was taught of Marxism and materialist. But as far as I grown up,I think of the beginning of the world. And I wondered why things r going in their own way?Why I am here tpying these words? Why there'r u developed the platform? Why is the tree plant there? Why does he believe materialism while she believes mentalism? Maybe u think it unexplainable. But I know the answer to all these questions. That is because of the surroundings. Everyone's idea or his methord of thinking was generated by his surroundings .And his surroundings was generated by a lot of others' surroundings. Surroundings infect and was infected. All the surroundings was predestined to go in that way. Thus, he's predestined to development this Mylot and I am predestined to be introduced by Willionjisir here. And all the world r assembled by all the surroundings. There's no coincidence in the world. They'r all predeterminated, including feelings , living and work,everything. That's my point of view. I do not know if I'v explained it clear enough. But I believe the world predeterminated. Though, everyone living have to be active towards his feelings,life and work. They'r not contradiction.
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