@Ravenladyj (22937)
United States
June 5, 2007 12:56pm CST
Has anyone else joined this place? I just joined on Sat morning and I CANT BELIEVE the ppl I've come across from my past jsut since then!! Its REALLY trippy! I mean these are ppl I've not seen or spoken to in 25 yrs! anyone else a member there? did you get in touch with ppl from your past? was it a good thing or a bad thing?
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@kbkbooks (7028)
• Canada
11 Jun 07
I just love Facebook. Like you, I have hooked up with people from my past and also it helps me in keeping in touch with my present friends. I se people trying to compare sites like Facebook and MyLot, but the concepts in my opinion are not really the same, in my opinion.
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• United States
5 Jun 07
I joined Facebook when I was in college, before it was public (before, you had to have a college/university e-mail address to join) just to keep up with my friends at my school. But then it became huge... I found people from elementary school, junior high, and more. It is an amazing site, and best of all it's not like myspace, where everything is so overblown and gotten out of control. Facebook has been nothing but positive for me in the 3 years or so I have been on it.
• United States
5 Jun 07
You know, this is the 2nd post I've seen today like this. The other post was in a forum that has nothing to do with mylot. It's the 1st time I've heard of it. The other poster basically said what you did. Guess I'll have to check it out soon.
@cyntrow (8524)
• United States
5 Jun 07
I know of it. BUt i just thought is was another myspace