The mylot story... add to the story

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June 5, 2007 6:20pm CST
A while back when i was on payposter, I started a topic called the payposter story and it really took off... its where we all get together and write a story, about whatever you want, a paragraph or two will suffice, use your imagination, you can add story lines from your own life if you wish... you can change the story however you want, if you like fantasy write fantasy, if you like mystery write mystery, I havnt yet had my evening muse so I wish for someone else to get us started... I will come along and write something once you guys get it going p.s. Im not saying this was my Idea, its probably been done before
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@stacyv81 (5904)
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5 Jun 07
Sharon was a girl who always got what she wanted. She was kind, loving and really cared for all she knew. Her life seemed perfect. Perfect grades, perfect home, perfect parents, etc. but then one day her life was changed...
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6 Jun 07
... when she found a very old book, the writting was in old english and she read the first few lines that said " to thee who read this book, beware, a great spirt resides upon these pages, look at the scripts in a looking glass and you shall see it"