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Mylot story - Mylot in a article
June 6, 2007 2:48am CST
Yes...this is the story i read out in a article... MyLot is a different kind of moneymaking website. They're an online community discussion forum that pays you to post. The higher quality, longer, and more numerous the posts, the more you get paid. They also have profiles, an on-site messaging system, and photo galleries. They pay in paypal, and the minimum payout is $10.00 They also offers a 25% referral bonus. The best part is, you can see who's in your referral downline and how much they've earned you, so you can put them on your friends list, give them tips, etc. The best part about MyLot is that it's a lot of fun. Don't try to maximize your money, it's not worth it. It's more fun to just log on for an hour and talk to people. There are a lot of interesting people and topics of discussion. Refer your friends, chat, and watch the money roll in.
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