USA site: Earn $25 to $125 for referring people to investing site

United States
June 6, 2007 4:54am CST
The investing site that I am doing that I have $1454.84 invested in (sorry - it is UNITED STATES ONLY at this point) is paying between $25.00 and $125.00 when members refer new borrowers. If you are interested in joining, even if not to lend money or to borrow money, then go to the website on my profile "Wisdom of Abundance" and find the Investing with Prosper link so that it will be a referral on my behalf. If a person refers a new lender they get $25 and the new lender gets $25 when the loan they bid on first originates. If a person refers a borrower, they can earn up to $125.00 (depends on the amount of the loan). This promotion is good till August 31, 2007. I am very excited because I was telling everybody about Prosper anyway because it is very awesome to be able to invest small amounts of money ($50 and up), and get good returns. Currently I lend money to people who are caught in payday loans. Even if they pay me a high rate, they are grateful to, because the predatory interest was much worse. If you choose to loan money there, no, it is not an FDIC insured thing, but yes, it is governed by three things, including the Federal Trade Commission. I have been there since December 2006 and have $1454.84 invested. Anyway, if you even want to earn money for referring others, get over there to my link on my profile, click "investing with Prosper, then click any instance of the word Prosper that is linked on that page, and make it happen! :-)
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