@GAUrox (203)
June 6, 2007 9:52am CST
i think that heels that girls wear is more good than girl who wears they look more appealing and sexy in that heels so what is your opinion about this .....
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• Hong Kong
7 Jun 07
I personally think high heels look better even though some of them are really uncomfortable. I wear high-heels way more often because I think it goes better with the outfit, making them look more elegant and stylish. Also, I think when women walk in high-heels, it's quite sensual and sexy, they also help bringing out a better body shape (what I describe as more "S" shape). I just think shoes are the soul of an outfit and it plays a really important role. I don't mind better a little uncomfortable but to look stunning.
@GAUrox (203)
8 Jun 07
you really caught my words.....
• India
3 Jan 08
Open toed with straps across the top of the foot and across the heel in back. And only leather not vinyl or some other man made product. I can;t wear but leather sandals. They look like the sandals that most pictures depict Jesus wearing.
@aeyjey (170)
• Philippines
10 Jun 07
well i like wearing heels, and it is true that girls wearing heels are more attractive and sexy because they empazise the true women