Looking for a nicer place to deliver my next baby

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June 6, 2007 12:33pm CST
During my first pregnancy, I was basically assigned a delivery hospital by my insurance plan. I didn't think to ask for choices. And, I'm hoping next time to have a little more input into the entire birthing process. I didn't like the way that the staff refused to listen to my concerns. I had a sore throat the entire time I was in the hospital delivering my daughter and kept insisting that I was sick. I think I even had a low grade fever, but I can't remember anyone checking my temperature even once. And, none of the nurses took it seriously. My daughter had to be delivered by emergency C-section after 24 hours of labor and she had a fever, too. Even though she hasn't exhibited any ill side effects from this, the entire process left me with a bad feeling towards the hospital. Next time I'd like to choose a different birthing facility to deliver my next baby. Or, a women's center that actually listens to my concerns. I figured that I should start my research early, before we even start trying to have our next baby. What criteria did you use to determine the best place to deliver your baby? What type of research could I do to check on previous patient complaints? Did you have the opportunity to use a women's birthing center? I've been told that they provide almost home like settings to deliver babies, as well as state of the art medical facilities just in case c-section is necessary. Did you find this to be true? Would love to know?
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10 Jun 07
I gave birth to my two youngest children at Magee Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa. It is listed in the top ten womens hospitals in the country and I loved it! They took excellent care of me and our children. It was a very comforting atomosphere to be in after giving birth. One of the neatest parts was that they don't serve you "hospital" food there, they provide you with a menu and yo "order" the meals of you choice. Both nights I was there with my son I ordered melon and cheese as a snack during our late night feeding.