Did your OB/GYN ignores your complaints, too?

United States
June 6, 2007 12:40pm CST
When I was pregnant, I noticed that my OB/GYN staff ignored most of the complaints that I had. If I had severe migraines or hip pain, all I'd hear was, "Go lay down." or, "Don't worry it's normal." Did your doctor do that to you while you were pregnant? I can't be the only one this happened to. I felt like they weren't taking my pregnancy concerns seriously.
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@wendee (359)
• Canada
6 Jun 07
My doctor was great while I was pregnant! It wasnt until after I had the baby that I started getting concearned. While in the hospital I started bleeding really heavy, really bright and getting some clots. The nurses and the doc on call told me they wanted me to go for a ultrasound to make sure that there was no placenta left inside me. It was the weekend when this happened and my doctor was gone. On mnday morning her came in and released me saying that he looked at the placenta when the baby was brona nd it was fine. I felt that he should have been more concearned with me. I mean everyone else I was talking to toldme that something could be wrong and he walks in and releases me without even asking for my opinion. everything turned out to be fine i guess, the bleeding last longer than usualy (for me anyways) and was realy bright and heavey over the next few months, but is normal now. This situation made me distrust him and if i ever become pregnant agian i will look for a different doctor. Which sucks because he delivered all my kids.
@lillake (1634)
• United States
6 Jun 07
I never used an OB/GYN, thankfully, but I've heard similar complaints often.