My three year old is shutting me out of her life.

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June 6, 2007 1:04pm CST
When my daughter was two years old, she practically never leave my side. But, now over a year later, things are very different. Sometimes she shuts me out of her life. We used to love to play games together, and do mommy/daughter stuff together. Now, she goes into her room and play with her bears and dolls alone. And, when I try to get involved, she shuts the door and won't let me into her games. Is this what most children do? Is this a phase that she'll grow out? Or, is it just part of child development? She's only three and a half, so maybe she just needs her space. It's frustrating, especially when I am actually trying to spend quality time with her. How do you handle this type of situation with your kids?
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@jolenegreen (1209)
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8 Jun 07
Awwwhhhh....Thats got to hurt. Trenton is 3 1/2 and he wantsme to play with him and be sooo involved with him. BUT it is sooo hard for me to do...working overnights, being extremely tired from only getting few hours of sleep, and then trying to get dinner cooked, and the house clean. I sometimes say to a few minutes Honey...and then never have the time for those few minutes and now you got me thinking.....Is he feeling the same way you are? Do u think? OH GOD....IM CRYING TO MYSELF NOW...:( I love him soooooo much and I wish I could be here to be with him, I am trying to be the best mom I can be but it is sooo hard. I ONLY get on the computer when he is not now. He is at his grandmas becuase I am going to bed in a few minutes for work. But tonite...when I loaded him into my fathers car and gave him a kiss and a hug.I shut the door and told him I loved him. He just gave me this sad look and started crying. I opened the door to ask him why he was crying and he wouldnt answer, he just cried more and I hugged him. Told him I would see him in the morning and gave him a kiss. Then I went into the house and bawld for like a half an hour. ITS SOOOOOO sad. I know Im getting off subject but my feelings are pouring out....U know how hard it is? Im sorry and I am sure it is just a stage...I hope she will get over it soon so u can have ur little girl back. Have a good night
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6 Jun 07
I would let her play with her dolls alone if she wishes, but would later take her out somewhere where both of us can interact, like the park or the beach or a walk. Or I would buy her new boardgames.. maybe she's tired or bored with the ones she has now. I should say though, I wouldn't let my 3 year old in a room with the door shut. So if my daughter wouldn't want me to play with her, that's fine but the door would remain open. If she asks why, let her know that anything can happen to her and you need to be able to hear her if she calls for you. That's a tricky situation though, hopefully you'll come around it. Good luck! =)