ok who else out there has x's from **** and how do you handle it?

United States
June 6, 2007 2:08pm CST
ok I am married I have 3 kids and I can honestly say the thought of seeing or speaking to my husbands ex literally makes me sick to my stomache. I can not stand her she manipulates everybody and everything. I have had to press assault charges on her. she follows my kids and I around everywhere. My husband and I have tried to get something done about it but no luck. She has pictures of me and my kids at her house or so I have heard ( which is creepy). It is so aggravating she has turned my husbands other 2 kids against him, the kids actually catch her in lies but then still think we are the ones that are in the wrong. Go figure. I have no idea what else to do. I was just hoping someone else out there would have some advice. The first couple of years it didn't really bother my husband but now the past 4 years it keeps us stressed out on a daily basis. so have any of you gone through something like this or similar. Do your exes tend to harass you or did they move on?
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