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June 6, 2007 3:23pm CST
Well, as I was browsing the internet the otherday looing for a business or work from home op I stumbled apon a blog which gave details of a site which pays you for the number of views your articals get and the amount of other companies that use them. From what I gather your articals can be on any subject you like and the buyers of these articals widley use them as blog content. I think it said you get paid a % or royalties for each artical of yours that has been used. But .... and this is the big But, I shut down late at night and did not fav. the blog and therefore have lost all hope of finding this again. If anyone has heard or uses such a site ... Please please please let me know and tell me as much about it as possible. Or indeed if you have any other sites of a similiar nature , let me know also.
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@pallidyne (858)
• United States
6 Jun 07
No offense, dude, but if you are seriously going to submit your writing to any form of blog and expect to be paid-- Please, please get your hands on a real good spell checker. Might want to go for a full on grammer check as well, but you're actually better than most on this one.
6 Jun 07
No offense taken. Quite funny really, I just read it back to myself and almost couldn't. It was my first discussion post, it's getting late here in the uk, well late for me and well .. just so you know, I usualy use a good program that does all that spell checking for me. Guess I got a bit lazy. lol.