what do you call your inlaws?

June 6, 2007 4:07pm CST
I have always called my inlaws by their first names until my daughter came along and now we just call them grandma and granddad all the time, so what do you call your inlaws?
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@jolmartyn (133)
6 Jun 07
My in-laws werealways called by their first names, they still are. As other peaople have pointed out - its now Nana this or Nana that. My kids call me Dad and my wife Mum. I used to call my mother by her first name - wasn't disrespectful - seems odd really!
• Australia
6 Jun 07
90% of the time I actually call my mum by her first name which some people find disrespectful but as I have said to my mum if I go out in public and say mum everyone turns around but by calling her by her first name they dont, I am good friends with my mum and she has never worried that I call her by her first name
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
10 Jun 07
Hi Cassy, I call my inlaws by there first names, I kind of feel uncomfortable calling them mom or dad... So its a first name thing with me
@itkasp (266)
• Australia
8 Jun 07
I called the mama and papa. I try to respect them and regard them as my parents as well. I think I'm blessed to have a good relationship with my inlaws.
6 Jun 07
You wouldn't want to know. My wife doesn't have a relationship with her parents or extended family and I don't either. This discussion probably wouldn't need me adding what I think of them but those are shameful people. (being polite) On the hand that I did like them I would follow my parents tradition of calling them mother + father (dropping the law) Thank god I don't. (I worship my parents and it wouldn't be fair to them) Kudos! ~Joey