Do you want to be a celebrity?

United States
June 6, 2007 9:57pm CST
I wouldn't want to be one because that is just way to much attention. I don't want to famous but I sure wouldn't mind being rich.
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• United States
7 Jun 07
Yeah, I don't think I would ever want to be famous or a celebrity. Once you become one your life is no longer your own. I like my privacy.
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8 Jun 07
well, i want to be a celebrity of my own. A good actress to my neighbors and to my family, a great singer of lullaby for my future children and a ravishing sexy partner for my future husband...would that be an award winning character?hehehehehe
@jlara_gtr34 (3492)
• Philippines
7 Jun 07
hi there! ;0 yes of course! i would really want to be a celebrity. just watching their lives on Tv make me realize how wonderful it is to be a celebrity. free shoes, free clothes, lotsa money, socializing, parties, etc. wow, i would really like to have that kind of life. the glitz and the glamour, as they say. lolz. ;0