when a child is affected at an early age lacking love and affection

Sri Lanka
August 1, 2006 3:00am CST
she grows upto be lonely and always moody,,how can she improve herself??/
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• Malaysia
12 Aug 06
the child needs to build up his or her self esteem first. She/he can try to take advantange of her ability. If she is good in art, she may try to work on it more or if she is good at music, she may try to improve. She/he should also try meditation
@cklm4nz (71)
• New Zealand
11 Aug 06
i was treated poorly, i have not one happy memory of my father, i was told i was not loved, i was to live under there roof to work, because of this i started to bully kids to rebel. i lost my virginity at 13, was drunk at 14, i was going no where fast. councilling did not help as i was closed to it, then i started to put my energy into music, it felt great to play well and gave me alot of confidence. as my friends were causing havoc and going to jail i was going to band practise. now i have two children who know they are loved, i still drumming, and love it. i have changed the cycle, and i did it on my own. i live by the motto; treat others as you wish to be treated.
@ntsiti (112)
11 Aug 06
This is a very serious concern and it can destroy somebody `s life completely if it can not be attended to in time.One of the solutions is to refer that child to the professional counsellor.Most of the people who are in conflict with law now are what they are because of the unpleasant environmet in which they were brought up and in a way ,they make the society the victims of their upbringing unaware. Remember that an abused child tends to be an abusive parent and that automatically creates a recusive line of abusers.Somebody has to chip in and prevent this.Plis do that