what series of resident evil game you want the most?

June 6, 2007 11:57pm CST
i knew all of it are really good and interesting.. but what do u want the most??
8 responses
@otrov77 (36)
• Serbia And Montenegro
8 Jun 07
well i love the most RESIDEN EVIL 2 :) 2 disks great story. You have a 4 games in 1 + 2 bonus games when you finish the first in normal mode...
• Philippines
19 Jun 07
i like resident evil 4 very much..so far this is the best for me..great gameplay, great story, great game..
@rick07 (19)
• Mongolia
7 Jun 07
I like resident evil 4, Leon is very very cool.
• United States
7 Sep 07
true but go to ma interest n imma tell u more about the new resident evil 5 with chris redfill tell ur friends come join me n a convos about it
@rogerfa (28)
• Vietnam
23 May 08
I want to play Re1 remake very much. But i don't have Game Cube :((
• China
20 Feb 08
I like Jill very much but I don't like resident evil 3. In my opinipn ,resident evil 4 is the best because of the handsome Leon. What's your opinion?
@jpchoa (4)
30 Jan 08
RE4, though if I were to differentiate this from all previous RE's based on gameplay, RE2 would be the best in the bunch.
• United States
7 Sep 07
i love the number 4 game but people ther's new 1 n it seems dat it's better then da 4 come join me n a convos on it
@Shareaza (315)
• Sweden
31 Jul 07
Oh my god, definetly resident evil 4 on the Wii! It's so cool to blast of zombie heads with the wii remote, it really (almost) makes you think you'r in the game. All of you who haven't playes this brilliant game...do so! Go shoot some zombies for me :)
@djah2773 (27)
• Philippines
7 Jul 07
RE2, hands down. Great gameplay and story, and that unique two disc scenarios that intertwine in the middle... simple awesome.