-- Wheather Names really reflect the personality of a Person??

People - Name Vs Personality.
June 7, 2007 12:50am CST
I don't know who started giving names but one thing is sure that that person was really genius. He solved the problem of identification. When we think about a person the first thing that comes in our mind is the name of the person. When we compare a person with another person then we use the name of the second person to compare them. Do you think that features are attached with the names? Do you think that when we compare a person with another then in actual we are comparing the features of first with the features of the second.? Do you think that Names really reflect the personality of a person?
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@san_here (208)
• India
7 Jun 07
Names never can reflect the personality of a person. Just think of the basic thing that names are made not by ourselves, it's put by parents or other elders of the family,then how can we say name reflects it ,but you are correct if we are speaking about older times where names were given based on the physical appearence of the child atleast in some communities.but that age is gone. In todays age name just reflects the naming fashion of that age, because names are selected by trends, so atleast we can say how old he or she is. or name is just like another identity number. But the username use here or other websites, probably reflects the taste of the person, beacause we are having freedom to select that, and i feel we chould select username in that way, although mine is not that way. If we do like that we will get right people of your choice as your friends, thanks for a nice topic to discuss.