Are all the guys just like this???

@subha12 (18453)
June 7, 2007 3:57am CST
This is not agains all guys or like that. I must say that one of my closest friend has suffered this fate. This has made me feel like this. She met a boy in her workplace. The boy already had a GF.They were friends initially. But the guy used to say her that he is about to braek up with his Gf as they have some caste realted problem. Once the guy went to meet his Gf and they decided that they are eventually going to break up. The guy, when returned was very sad and my friend felt bad for him. He suddenly proposed my friend but she told him that it is rebound and as he has just broken up, he feels the same. the boy wanted to make her realise that its true feelings. But my friend denied. After some time my friend was persuded more by her friend and the boy somewhat forcefully had some physical realtionship with her.He even told her that there is no problem as he loves her. Again after some time the boy suddenly started avoiding her and now he is telling her that forget these old things and He is going to marry arranged marriage. Even telling the girl to marry elsewhere and tells her to forget all those things. Are all guys really these frickle mibnded? Do they ionly see after their enjoyment? Do they think that life is fun in cost of girls' dignity?
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@forisuru (217)
• Sri Lanka
7 Jun 07
Dear Friend, I don't think that evry guy is same as others. I never think that life is fun in cost of anybody. Sometimes we blame for all the men for someone's fault.That's not fair as far as i concern.. Thanks
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@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
11 Jun 07
I agree that some guys are just out there to have fun with every girl on this face of earth. I have met some of those guys myself. But, I don't think it is every guy, so some of them are still good and true to us sometimes.