Why is wrong doings become right if evrybody does it??

June 7, 2007 5:39am CST
For example ... CORRUPTION .... Initially, when someone join in a group (like politics), he/she is very focused on doing the right thing to do best on what he is tend to do. But on his everyday activity, he will discover that there are somethings going on. Initially, he will do to correct it, but as time goesby, he will notice the benefits of it, and he will think "what if I will do it also??"... then after awhile, he is now part of the group...
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@steney (1418)
• Philippines
7 Jun 07
I totally understand your point. Even honest people who get into politics, for example, get stained in some way. If the person is righteous enough, he will get out of the system. But if he goes with the flow, he gets eaten up by it. The fact that everybody's doing it makes it look and seem right for some. But that's the case when the conscience starts to lose recognition of what's right or wrong. And when people perpetrate their wrongdoings for a long time, it becomes right for them in the long run and lose guilt from its continuance.