Were you ever close to your Grand Parents

@nielcdg (709)
June 7, 2007 6:07am CST
I lost my Grand Pa last monday and I couldnt come to the funeral because Im so far away but I really want to go. I miss him so much he was like a father to me because I never knew my father but he was there to fill the gap. He was so wise and so loving and never cruel or unjust. It has been 5 years since I last saw my Grand Pa and I told him that I would come back to see him. But now I have no chance to talk to him again. Listen to his stories of the old days. To learn from his skills and experience and I could never hug him again. I wanted to give him a better quality of life before he died Alas that was the reason why I started work in the first place. Its just Ironic that the very thing that I did for him is now the reason that is keeping me apart from him. I wish that one day I can be a good Grand Pa like he was to me, not just Father but a Friend, not just a mentor but a peer. I will walk in his footsteps one day and pick up where he left as the head of the family and I will make him proud of me... I know he can see me high over there in heaven...GRAND PA I LOVE AND I MISS YOU How bout you guys do you have a healthy relationship with your grand pa?
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@murciaman (441)
7 Jun 07
im sorry for your loss....unfortunately for me my experience of grandparents was not so good... i only ever really knew my mothers mother , my fathers mother having passed away before i was even born and my fathers father lived away .. i think i only ever saw him once when i was very young..my mothers father was also passed on before i was born he was killed in the second world war.. she remarried so i had a step grandfather.... he was a wicked man who drank too much and thought it was funny to set a dog upon a 4 year old becasue i was scared..his wife wasnt much better... maybe they had hard lives ..i dont know but my memories of them are not good.. i myself recently became a grandfather and she is absolutely gorgeous ... one thing is for sure she will see lots of me....my daughter only lives down the road... i think she will be my best pal...!!!
@nielcdg (709)
• Philippines
8 Jun 07
Im sorry to hear about your experiences as a child, yes indeed I believe that the hard lives of those people made them cruel and numb during that time. But I guess that step grand dad of your is a monster....Im sure if your grand parents were alive they would have showered you will love as a kid.