Is CSI messing up our legal system and is CSI getting too gory?

@cher913 (25889)
June 7, 2007 7:19am CST
I have heard that regular jurors that are at various trials are shocked to hear that real life is not like tv! they figure if it is on CSI, then it must be real...well i for one know that things cannot be wrapped up in a tidy bundle all the time in an hour... Also, do you think CSI is starting to get a little bit too graphic? are they going for the shock value these days, are they getting more graphic than they used to be? what do you think about these two comments?
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@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
7 Jun 07
LOL I actually saw a documentary a few months ago talking about that very thing and how jurors believe the real system is like the CSI shows...and I have to say that not only amuses me but really makes me wonder too...I mean entertaining fiction television is just that entertaining and why ppl would think its real is beyond me...As for them beign too graphic now...I dont think so really..Imean CSI New York was always IMO the most graphic of the three shows and I dont think its really changed any...Of course that sort of thing doesnt phase me either
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7 Jun 07
Well I like it. Although I am fed up with programs explaining to much or making fake stuff up to make it sound realistic. Over here there's complaints that what they could be used to hide how they find out to "do" the "perfect" murder or just to get away with it. I think it's silly but I do think they should cut it down a bit. ~joey
@AmbiePam (50688)
• United States
7 Jun 07
The original CSI, yes, I believe it is getting way to graphic. That is why I stopped watching it. They say they like to 'push the envelope', but there is a fine line between edgy and overboard. This is only my opinion, but I think they are doing these things purely for shock value.