Who's more important?!?!?!

River - The killer river!!!
@jade1986 (567)
June 7, 2007 9:00am CST
Hey guys, imagine your father and your girlfriend both drowning in the same river but at a distance from each other...Assuming that you know swimming, who are you gonna save and why?
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@mayinghe (26)
• China
7 Jun 07
this is a foolish question,and there always are three answers.first one is that save father,because he give birth to you and bring you up.second one save girlfriend,on the grounds that she's the one who will accompany you all your life.the third answer is that save the one near you,if there is time left,save the other. in acture fact,both of them mean a lot to us!and we cannot life without both of them.
• China
7 Jun 07
i will save my father because girlfriend can be change but father cant be change hehehe