why our society is male dominated

June 7, 2007 10:23am CST
Though women say that they are on their feet and are equal in every aspect, why we see fewer women as the head of states and their number is considerably less in armed forces and also in think tanks of the progressed countries.And why are they complaining of harassment at work places.
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• Philippines
7 Jun 07
the main reason why we see women already actively participating is the society but they are hardly the head of state is because, there are only so few women who would like to be up there. women are also less in hte armed forces because, by choice women prefer to have jobs other that being with the armed forces. so few women have been nursing the ambition of becoming the topknot leader of the country. when it comes to employment, most of us want to be somewhere comfortable. in no way will it ever be comfortable in the armed forces. women complain of harassment at work places becuase, men will enjoy it if a woman makes advances to a man. who has ever heard of a man who has filed a case against a woman who has made advances to him? men even get flattered if some woman will seduce them. they even flaunt this to their comrades as though it is an honor for them.