Share your yorkie stories

United States
June 7, 2007 10:55am CST
I was just wondering any stories you guys have about your yorkie pups. I am thinking about getting a dog for our apartment, and my boyfriend is insisting on a yorkie. I have never had a yorkie and am interested in what anyone has to say about them..both good and bad please :)
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@bmwgem (34)
17 Mar 08
i have a yorkie who is five this year and i wouldns't swap him for the world. my husband wanted a bigger dog and would now say the same as me. not only are they the cutest pups ever but they are also loyal. my dog is very preotective of me and is quite a good watchdog. we sleep on the thrid floor and he can tell when someonw comes in through the back door. he loves cuddling on my knee, playing with his toys, walks (although because they are small they don't need 3 walks a day like some dogs). yorkies are great with babies/children so if you have any or are planning on any then they are great. The downside on the health is that most yorkies have two main problems. A collapsing trachea which sometime sounds like he's got something stuck in his throat but there are ways to get him to stop. the other thing is their hips. they have a prob with hip coming in and out of joint. Both of timmy's do this but he doesn't need anything doing with it yet, only when he can't put it back in it's socket (which he does). it's not a major thing in fact you dont even knowhen it's happened so don;t go imagining horror of legs hanging out of sockets!! not all yorkies get these things and if they do they may not need anything doing about it. Search on the internet and you will get loads of info about yorkies to clue you up. you will also find more information about the two health probs i told you about.