myLot conspiracy theory!

@Ynefz0r (834)
October 23, 2006 3:54pm CST
How does myLot make money? I mean think about the amout they have to give to people... they have to make way more money than they give away or else there would be no point in there. Are they making money only with their ads? Maybe they are selling information to companies or perhaps freemasons who need to know what people think, what are our hobbies and so on... kinda like a statistic...
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23 Oct 06
I can see where your coming from, but I don't think that's it. If they were selling the information, they would have to let us know and it would be an opt-in site. If they were selling the information without us knowing, then that would be against confidentiality and they would be in a lot of trouble!
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@Ynefz0r (834)
• Finland
23 Oct 06
if they were selling it and letting us know about it then it wouldn't be a conspiracy anymore... :D
@SnIcKasS (1378)
• Israel
23 Oct 06
might be, they have their own ways, you know ';). mylot are smart!
@all_n_one (2005)
• United States
23 Oct 06
Who knows mylot makes allot of money though and we get less and less and they become more and more popular.