Fish predators

United States
June 7, 2007 12:19pm CST
Yesterday, I was reeling in a fair sized bluegill from a local lake. The biggest bass I ever saw grabbed a hold of the fish about 20 feet from me, and if i wouldnt have pulled (choked) he would have swallowed my bluegill and hook too. This guy was a monster. It wasnt a walleye or pike... I saw the bass and his mouth was the size of a softball. Im bummed but excited. What do you think?
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25 Jun 07
my folks were telling me ow they went fishing once, and had a good sized catfish on the line. so, they were reeling it in, and a 5-6 ft alligator ate the catfish. so they started fighting the gator. my dad handed the rod to my mom so she could fight it for a little bit, and then they cut the line. i always thought that was cool
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7 Jun 07
I HATE when i "swing" on a fish! thats the most frusterating thing ever!!! And on top of that it was the biggest one you've ever seen?? ugh.....well, at least you know she's in there to catch! good luck!