EMI,The oldest music company has gone!

Hong Kong
June 7, 2007 12:51pm CST
Like the final track on Sergeant Pepper, like the Beatles themselves, the end for E.M.I came with a sob and a sigh. At tea-time on Monday,the world’s oldest record company declared losses of 264 million and no hope of recovery. A sale was announced to Terra Firma an equity firm which will strip the ship for early resale, probably to Hollywood rival, Warner.A century of record history and the heart of British music was tossed onto the auction block with no regard for public sentiment or the devastating cultural consequences that attend the destruction of tradition. It's a bad news for me, My almost 80% of CDs bought from E.M.I. My brain always told me"E.M.I=The world 's greatest music company".Everytime i come acoss the plaza,the fist thing is go to E.M.I and listen what New CDs there has. Is it disappoint your hope?
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@pallidyne (858)
• United States
7 Jun 07
As Music Companies including EMI have done nothing but gouge customers and complain that we don't buy as much with the inexcusable highly priced, lower quality musical products they were pushing, I have no empathy, sympathy whatsoever for them. Since EMI and others worked with the RIAA to petition the US Congress to modify the copyright laws so that artists no longer have the option of buying their music back later in their career, I earnestly wish for the collapse of all the music media giants. All hail independent media, and sales that actually support the artists who make the music!
• Hong Kong
8 Jun 07
Maybe on 22century , CDs will be an black tape that as an antique in a similar way. If these music media giants don't change the style of sale , they as you said will collapse fastly. I hope the first thing they should do is acclimatize this new copyright laws .