Ever felt that sense of Deja vu??...most certainly u did..read on..

@devilinu (105)
June 7, 2007 3:54pm CST
jus chillin among ur frnds wen u sudenly realise that u heard that frnd say that dialog u just laughed to.. nxt thing u know is u hv benn here b4...not exactyl but u fell a sense of deja vu...y so? do human dream abt future...that too this precise... many ppl i met hv said they hv too expierenced this.. it has happened far too often to me...mostly i never cud tell b4 it happened...but recently in a movie (1st day 1st show)...i sopke the nxt 2 dialogs even b4 the actor said it...intetionally ofcourse...coz i remebered being in that seat...n i do not hv tv to c a trailor too....frnds thot i was spooked or sumthing...hv u been a situation like...know wat the person is gonna speak b4 they actually do?? its spooky...but true... can human mind really dteremine small parts of the future? if so...hw come?
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@vampoet (825)
• Singapore
8 Jun 07
I do not believe in Deja vu. I have felt it in instances but I am sure I must have read or seen or heard about it somewhere before. Your memory is a powerful thing and it links events in your life in schemas. It stores away information it cannot fit in your present web of understanding until you come across something that is related to it. When you recall that forgotten information, you think you are experiencing Dejavu