Do you still write letters?

@breepeace (3027)
June 7, 2007 6:43pm CST
These days an email, text message or phone call is not only more affordable but quicker to reach the recipient so I notice many people don't write letters anymore. Granted people still love to receive mail but maybe it's because it's so very rare to get a physical letter in your post office box. This past week I wrote 2 letters. One to my Nana who loves getting mail, and the other one venting to my honorary big sister who's getting married in September because we never seem to have a chance to chat anymore. What about you? Do you still write letters? When did you write your last letter and who did you mail it to?
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• Philippines
8 Jun 07
Hi breepeace! Yes! I still do write letters to my close friends, loved ones and close relatives. I really do love writing letters and collecting letters from my classmates and close friends. Hehehe. I believe personal touch is still important and they would appreciate it if you did all the effort. :D
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@friendship (2085)
• Canada
8 Jun 07
Yes, I still do write letters. I think writing letters are still necessary, though. When communicating to customers, most firms are still sending letters instead of emails or text messages. But I use to send emails or text messages to people with whom I have a personal relationship. It is more comfortable and my messages can be delivered quickly.