which do you prefer? kaspersky or avg antivirus

June 7, 2007 8:12pm CST
well, i have a new installed anti virus which is Kaspersky, i dunno how it will affect my working stat, but in my observation ,it slow down my pc. do you have any idea bout kaspersky?
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• Philippines
24 Sep 07
Kaspersky is a full version antivirus, which has several features. These features are very useful to protect your machine. That is why you will encounter some sluggishness in speed performance of your machine. But overall, it is one of the best recommended paid version antivirus because it does its job pretty well. If you want a free version antivirus, you may choose between the three, AVG, AVAST, and AVIRA. Currently, I am using Avira AntiVir Personal Classic Edition. I have been using this one over a long period of time, and never had problems at all. It updates regularly and can be scheduled at your most convenient time. It is very light on resources, which means it does not eat of memory. For this reason, it does not slow down your computer. It detects and delete rootkits, trojans, viruses, worms, other malwares, etc. Hope this would help. Have a great day!
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8 Jun 07
I've used nearly all the anti virus software out from free to £ and kaspersky is by far the best. I hardly notice it running and if it wasn't for the pop of warnings which don't happen to often I wouldn't even notice but It's a well rounded piece. You should go with it or trial it because it's the only one which removes everything which it finds. or at least for myself it does. Kudos, ~Joey
• Philippines
8 Jun 07
Ok, our IT department is doing a dry run for this new antivirus software, it has been introduce to us by our current software supplier/provider. But does it really slow down my desktop. Actually it was still under it's evaluation process.
• Denmark
19 Jul 07
Consider getting rid of all computer virus threats once and for all by changing from your Microsoft Windows system to a linux system. (Computer virus is a Microsoft Windows related problem.) I'm using the free and user friendly Ubuntu linux and don't have antivirus software or firewall at all. It's great.
• Pakistan
18 Jul 07
I also use Kaspersky and it is very good, It's fast, easy to use, secure, it detects every thing, I've used many antivirus softwares but this one is the best. It is today's top antivirus.
• India
8 Jun 07
i am using Kaspersky n believe me its one God antivirus... no slow down at all... full protection.. anti spam,anti hacker,anti spyware,anti malware...all bundled into one...too good!!...i have got the ultimate in Antiviruses...n i m very happy...as far as AVG is concerned i used it previously n i found it to be bbhogus coz it slows down like hell!!