Self protection

Bruce lee - Star of martial arts
June 7, 2007 11:39pm CST
Do you know karate or martial arts to protect yourself
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@ayy321 (44)
• United States
10 Jul 07
yes, i know TaeKwonDo. You not only learn a martial art, you also learn self-defense, improve balance and flexibility, and overall, you get to meet new people.
• India
10 Jun 07
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I do not know any of the martial arts but I can fight upto some degree for self defence. I even have good reflexes to dodge the punches and slaps. The best thing I can do is to run away if I find that it will be heavy to handle. I've a good stamina & can run for miles non-stop. Hehehe...
8 Jun 07
Yes, I learnt shotokan karate. Initially it was meant for self protection but as I was learning it, I realised its other benefits like it increased body flexibility, helped me in keeping fit and overall boosted my confidence.
@s_accent (208)
• India
8 Jun 07
ya i learned karate and bamboo figthing to protect my self that was also good exercise to us its beter to learn some thing to protect us from this sinful world