Do you have a mortal enemy...Why is he or she your mortal enemy?

The Tiger and the Dragon the two opposing forces o - The tiger and the dragon are the embodiment of the idea of yin and yang eternal enemies and with their conflict comes balanace and order
@nielcdg (709)
June 8, 2007 2:59am CST
I had a mortal enemy in Highschool, it was personal because he made my life a living hell spreading lies about me when I was younger. The awful thing is he thinks it was a good thing to spread secrets of people around. He did this to become famous at our school and to become popular. In the end it back fired on him because he met his match on the girl he liked the most, she spread his darkest secrets and he was marked a looser till graduation. I kept my mouth shut but I fought his efforts too during Highschool by spreading awareness to his sinister scheme...when his bestfriend asked him, are you ashamed of the things that you have done to others? He said no he is even proud of it. Such a waste of a brain and a heart he never knew how to use it properly..
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@diillu (5128)
8 Jun 07
Actually..i too have same kind of experience and now i totally consider her my one of the biggest mortal enemy and /I;m happy that i have taken on revenge with her. Once it happened that i had borrowed some money from my one of the close friends. I had consider her a close friend until i knew nothing about her. And then i had some kind of problem due to which i was unable to return her money on was not that late i must have been 1 week late. In that one week she had spread rumours about me. And spread all those tings we talked about other pepole..i know it is bad to talk about other people but we were close i thought nothing will happen and no one willl knoe. She told to everyone what i told abou them..but didn't tell what she had told about them. And after sometimes i came to know about all this of my friend told my about this..i just stood up in our class and infront of all i shouted her. I just told them all what she thought about them and why she did all these tings. And after wards i asked everything mine that she had burrowed from my books,pens,earrings and other stuffs. And i found out that she had lost some of my stuffs..and in exchange of that i made her to buy me more expensive things then my stuffs. This was my revenge and i'm happy i did it.
@nielcdg (709)
• Philippines
8 Jun 07
These kind of people are just insecure about themselves and if she was really a friend she wouldnt have felt bad if you did or did not return the money in the first place. your fault I guess in the situation is you trusted her eventhough you didnt know who she was yet. I learned that the hard way with that bozo of mine :) But revenge is bitter sweet right....good for you