You won't believe what my son just asked me!!!

Courtney on the Go-Kart - This is my youngest on the go-kart. She's so tricky.
United States
June 8, 2007 1:51pm CST
My boyfriend, Nick, has a $3000 go-kart. We live in a small town and he has been told by the cops that he can ride it in our neighborhood and by the railroad tracks, but not uptown. It has lights, turn signals, and 4 point seat belts, but it's not licensed, and it doesn't have an orange triangle so it's not street legal. Lately, Nick has been teaching my son, Ben, to drive it because it will be his when he graduates the 8th grade(maybe). Anyway, the jr/sr high school is out due to a gas leak, so 'the boy' is home. Ben just came and asked if he could drive the go-kart up to his friends house, on the other side of the tracks and across our main street. He got very argumentative when I said 'no'. DUH!!! Like I was going to have a different answer. He started getting irritated when I was explaining why not. Besides the legal issues to consider, the first time he drove it, he panicked and put himself and Nick into a sticker bush. Nick is at work, so we can't find out that I'm right when I say that Nick will say no, as well. Did I mention that Ben is 13!! I told him he's not even supposed to be driving it WITH Nick, let alone WITHOUT him. What are kids thinking these days???
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