What's the hottest new cellphone?

Hiptop - Newest Hiptop
June 8, 2007 10:20pm CST
Of the newest cellphones which one has the best overall quality.
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• Australia
9 Jun 07
my phone cost me 700,it was awsome and did almost anything then of course i broke it! now i have no mobile :( and lost $700. Im not buying a speaky phone again its a waste of money specialy when u can buy a phone that will send recieve messages and texts and really thats all i wanted!
9 Jun 07
Wow that must have sucked. which phone did you break?
• Australia
9 Jun 07
it was a Lg U8500 ,anoying thing is they r now selling them for 300 :P
• United States
15 Jun 07
I got Ampd now but I want my sidekick back. Screw that new phone that opens up like a T shape. That looks like a star trek communicator. Sidekick 4 will be hot. I know it. Sidekick all the way. No pretenders just surrender.
16 Jun 07
sidekicks r alll crap...thats wat i heard
@hobio86 (26)
• China
14 Jun 07
Toshiba ts32,it is a good cell phone